Assignment 1

Abdulkadir Abdullahi


Ambulance roles and purposes

  • responding to less serious calls
  • saving peoples life's with other public services,
  • finding hospital beds.
  • Taking patients to appointments.
  • Making sure your experience helps out.

Prison officers roles and purposes

  • doing security checks
  • looking at prisoners making sure your in charge.
  • Escorting prisoners
  • taking care of prisoners property
  • writing prisoner reports.
Organisational objectives ambulance

It would be to spend there money wisely and effectively in the best way possible, also to make our staff provide high quality care so the patient gets the care they deserve.

Another thing could be taking care of the patients clinical needs so that they have the best health outcome.

Organisational Objective Prison officer

An organisational objective would be making sure the prison officer is secured so holding prisoners securely, Also were you treat prisoners humanly and also lawful so that you dont break rules yourself.

Another thing could be making less prisoners feel upset or annoyed,

Ambulance mission statement

improving health and well-being for the patients, to making sure they have a high quality care for the patients. Also being effective at all cost and keeping people safe at all times.

providing professional health care to the community

Prison officer mission statement

Making sure your always aware and being able to make quick decisions and to also deal effectively with unexpected occasions you will need to provide safety for the prisoners and always stay aware.

legislation ambulance service

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives a general right of access to all types of information held by public authorities. It also sets out exemptions from that right and places a number of obligations on public authorities.

This would be anyone that wants information from the ambulance would need to get it.

Legislation Prison service

An Act to make provision, by the creation of an offence and the conferring of powers of entry, for the punishment and return to lawful custody of persons unlawfully at large.

Making an offence you will need to go to lawful custody and if the person is unlawfully charged


The Ambulance is accountable to the public and the government for his funds because if the government don't fund them they will have no money, another thing could be the ambulance is accountable to the patients to keep them safe and make sure they get the high quality health care they deserve.Prison service are accountable to the government also because without the government they will have no money therefore have no funds to buy with. another thing would be prison officers are accountable to the prisoners to keep them safe and also to prevent bullying in the prisons.

Performance indicators are effective for the ambulance because it shows how they improved and what there goal is for next year, it also shows how much they improved threw the years and how effective you have been. Prison officers performance indicators could also be a negative also because if the target for next year is to high and you dont achieve it people will think your under achieving which is not acceptable.

Responding to change in the ambulance like when there was cutbacks in the jobs and people got fired the ambulance still did their job with less man which would mean it would be harder For the prison officer responding to cuts with money and having to deal with getting paid less and still doing your job effectively.

The ambulance would need to spend the tax money wisely because they have responsibility to use it with the right thing and effectively.The prison officers would have responsibility to treat the prisoners humanly and making sure they are treated fairly and all the same.