Atomic Theory

The Scientists who made it work.

The First Scientist Democritus.

Lived (460-370bc)

Democritus was a Greek philosopher who first proposed the idea of a ultimate particle. He called this idea Atomos.

Next to the Plate Arisotle.

Lived: (384-322bc)

Arisotle believed the world consisted of fire, water, earth, and air. Although this is obviously not the case he also taught that any matter could be continusley divided forever. We call this Theroy the Continuum.


Lived (1776-1844)

Responsible for the Law of Multiple Proportions which led to the proposal of the Atomic Theroy in 1804.

The Dr. J J Thomson

Lived ( 1856-1940)

Thomson identified negativitly charged electrons and invented the charge to mass ratio.

Ernst Rutherford

Lived (1871-1937)

Rutherford proposed the idea of the Nuclear Atom and also proposed that all the positive charge in a atom was in it's core.

Neils Bohr

Lived: (1885-1962)

Neils Bohr was one of the most significant scientists in Atomic Theroy's history.

He believed that the electrons in a atom orbited it and when atoms bonded the electrons merged. He won a Nobel prize for this discovery.

The Modern Tomic Theroy

Modern Atomic Theory has hundreds of scientists working on it and interestingly enough Bohr's model is still excepted as the design of atoms. Atomic Theroy has been to design many amazing things both good and bad. Things like Atomic Bombs but also it has reshape hummanity's understanding of the world.

James Chadwick

Lived (1891-1971)

James Chadwick discovered the existence of neutrons in atoms working with Rutherford.