Ed Tech News

from Muskegon Catholic Central


This MCC Tech Update is the first in a series designed to keep you informed and to provide the tools you need to best utilize technology in your classroom.

Changes to YouTube Filtering

Beginning Monday, November 30th we will be making changes to how YouTube videos are filtered on Chromebooks. More information will be forthcoming as we get closer to that date.


TED Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

In the spirit of TED Talks, TED Ed is a website where teachers can find lessons contributed by other educators or share their own. The lessons springboard off a an existing video found on YouTube or TEDx. Contributors then add multiple choice questions, discussion questions and/or additional "Dig Deeper" facts. You can use these lessons as-is in your classroom. Or you can take an existing lesson and customize it with additional questions or information of your own. To find out more, visit http://ed.ted.com

Self Graded Quizzes for Google Classroom

One objection I’ve heard to switching from Moodle to Google Classroom is the lack of self graded quizzes in Google Classroom. But you can actually make a self graded quiz using Google Forms and Flubaroo. Flubaroo is a Google sheets add-on that you use with the spreadsheet that contains the results from your Google Form. You install Flubaroo, take the quiz yourself to provide the correct answers, then tag your answers as the grading key. Visit the Flubaroo website for more info. Or contact me anytime for assistance implementing this helpful tool.

Parent Portal for Google Classroom

Teachers at Muskegon Catholic Central are required to maintain an online presence. This can be a challenge if you’re using Google Classroom. Your class content can only be viewed by registered users. So how can you have an online presence that’s accessible to parents? The answer is Google Classroom’s latest feature, exportable calendars.

Just open a class, click the About page, then click Open in Google Calendar. You’ll be taken to your own Google Calendar where you’ll see a new calendar added with the name of the class added to My Calendars. From there you can share the calendar as a link or embed it in a webpage.