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Mrs. Sturges

Week of 9/12/16: Notes

Kindergarten Families,

This week we learned more about the letters Hh and Jj. We also practiced recognizing the words this, see, here. In math we worked on composing numbers 7 and 8. With small groups we took a closer look at missing numbers. Friends constructed a given set such as 10 with unifix cubes. They were then shown a set of objects such as 4 cubes. To find the mystery set friends then removed 4 cubes from the set of 10. Finally, they counted the remaining cubes and checked to see if their set matched the mystery answer.

In science we dissected sunflower heads. We also engineered paper jets as part of our letter j study. Finally, we started working on our sunflower projects which you can read more about below.

Upcoming Important Dates:

Oct. 7 Early Dismissal Professional Development

Oct. 11 Field Trip Russell Farms

Looking Forward

This week we will continue to learn more about letter sounds, sight words, reading, math and writing.

Letter Sounds: Uu, Ll

Sight Words: are, look

Math: Counting and subatizing

Writing: We are Writers: My pictures tell a story

Science: scientific tools

Sunflower Projects

This week we took apart the sunflower heads to discover what is inside. We found a lot of seeds. This led us to discover that sunflowers are actually made up of many little flowers. Each little flower produces its own seed. Through research we found out that some sunflowers can have 800-2000 seeds!

On Friday we used iPads to scan a code and watch a video to learn more about sunflower foods, art or botany. Afterward we shared what we learned. This included:

"There was a chipmunk with big cheeks and a guy picking sunflowers. Animals and people eat sunflower seeds."

"This artist painted lots of sunflowers. He's famous, but I don't remember his name."

Another student said, "I think it's Da Vinci."

A third student said, "No, that's not was....Van Gogh. Yeah, he's the one that did the other people pictures we made, right?"

"Sunflowers have hairy roots. I want to make something that shows the roots."

***Many other thoughts were shared. Then we started thinking about our projects and brainstorming how we can tell others about sunflowers. There were many ideas shared from building a clay model for sunflower botany to a cookbook for food to a large painted model for art. One friend wants to learn more about Van Gogh to share with others. It will be interesting to see how our projects take shape.

Specials Schedule

Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE (wear gym shoes) & Library (you may return books you have finished)

Wednesday: PLC (wear gym shoes)

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music (this quarter)

Background Checks and Volunteering

If you wish to participate in upcoming field trips or volunteer in the classroom, a background check has to be on file. Background checks are good for three years. If you have not completed a background check or believe yours has expired, please follow the link below to complete your background check.

You will receive an email from with a bar code ID once your background check is approved. You will use this bar code ID Badge when visiting the school for any reason. For field trips or classroom volunteering, we would like you to email a copy of your bar code ID Badge to your child’s teacher so we can have it in our files for future field trips throughout the year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Parent Corner

So far this year we have taken a close look at the following letters, sounds, sight words and numbers. We will continue to work on these in class. Please consider practicing these with your child at home as well. Some practice options can include: flash cards, print search (look through weekly adds to find letters or sounds), making sets (show or tell your child a number have him/her get a set of objects to match that number, count them together).

Letters/Sounds: S, M, A, T, C, R, I, P, B, F, O, G, H, J

Sight Words: a, I, the, is, you, and, we, can, go, my, at, on, see, this, here

Number Recognition: 1-8

Sign Up Genius Volunteering

Our Signupgenius Volunteer sheet is now available. Click on this link to sign up. Please remember that to sign up I need to have a copy of your Visitor Badge. You can email it to me at We look forward to seeing you soon!

Fishers Elementary, Mrs. Sturges

Thank you, families for being a part of our school family!