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What is Wakelet?

Wakelet is a curation platform that allows teachers and students to curate media and make sense of topics by looking through a variety of sources.

With Wakelet, you can …

  • create “wakes” (or collections)
  • add tweets or other social media posts to them
  • add more content (like text, images, PDFs and more)
  • organize everything with headers
  • share those collections with the world (or embed them on a webpage)
  • make them visible to as narrow or broad an audience as you want
  • like and follow collections to stay updated when new content is added.
  • explore collections created by others and like and follow the collections you find interesting to stay updated when new content is added.

Getting Started with Wakelet

It's as easy as 1...2...3...

  1. Sign Up - Visit www.wakelet.com and click on "sign up."
  2. Start - Click on "new collection/story" on your homepage and follow the prompts.
  3. Share - Share your collection to social media, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Remind, or embed it on a website. You can also share it via a direct link or with a QR code.

Bonus: Add contributors to collaborate with others on a collection!

Wakelet Resources


  • Student Portfolios: Use Wakelet as an alternative to Google Sites
  • Project-Based Learning: Curate resources for your students for a specific project, as an intro to a project, or have students curate their own resources and share with you/peers
  • How-To Math Reviews: Have students pick a math concept, gather how-to videos from Khan Academy or YouTube, and then rank order, with notes of explanation, according to which was the easiest to the hardest to understand
  • Parent Newsletters: Create a collection of resources, how-to homework helpers, links to webpages, etc. (example by Brandi Reams)

Teacher Ideas

  • Collect anchor chart images
  • Display a collection of content area photos. Upload a bunch of photos from a specific time period to compliment a history lesson, curate images from outer space for your space unit, display a bunch of mysterious pictures for students to practice making inferences about, etc.
  • Curate visual book lists. Collections could be by theme, teaching strategy, or season.
  • Create a photo journal. Upload photos from various field trips through the years, classroom events, etc.
  • Create a mood board of classroom transformation ideas. This could be a single mood board for each individual idea to collect resources and examples around one theme or a mood board of a bunch of ideas all in one glance.
  • Display bulletin board ideas. Grab links from Instagram, Twitter or upload your own to keep for quick visual reference.
  • Collect images to share safely with students. Share this unlisted collection with students so they don’t need to Google Search for images.
  • Connect & collaborate with classrooms around the world. Share a collaborative Wakelet and collect pictures from classrooms all around the world! Jonna McGaughy asked teachers to share images to answer the question “What does recess look like at your school?” Teachers could easily upload a snap from recess to a shared Wakelet collection.
  • Collect student work samples. View a snapshot of progress, understanding, or overall success of a lesson, activity or objective.

Student Ideas

  • Create an infographic. Each image uploaded could be one piece of the infographic. The entire digital mood board then functions as a single infographic. Google Draw or Pic Collage can be used to create each piece.
  • Collaborative virtual bulletin boards. If students are creating digital work that is saved as an image (for example on Google Draw or Pic Collage) they can upload it all to a collaborative Wakelet. Boom, a digital display that can be easily & privately shared with parents!
  • Create a digital content area display. For example, have students upload pictures or videos of “math in the real world” or create and upload a video demonstrating verbs.
  • Collect quotes from novels. Have students use Adobe Spark, Canva, Quozio, or Quotescover to make quote images then upload to a collaborative Wakelet.
  • Create a virtual word wall. Display images and definitions of student-selected words and/or assign students specific words to look up.
  • Create & share classroom memes.
  • Create and share a collection of GIFs. Teach With Tech Facebook Group member Brooke King shared that her class uses ABCya to create a GIF that explains a science concept. You could tweak this idea to also create GIFs to demo a math process or any content area concept!
  • Create an interactive poster board. The mood board layout is reminiscent of a trifold poster. Think of each “piece” that you would add to a trifold display as a piece of digital content that you would upload to the Wakelet collection. Have students create and upload the various “pieces” to add to the mood board to create the digital “trifold” poster. This would be awesome to use for science, makerspace, or STEM projects.
  • Create a social wall. Students can upload images and videos from a classroom or school event.

Mrs. B's Example for Fake News

Wakelet Chrome Extension

Download the Chrome extension to get even more out of your Wakelet experience!

Martha Bongiorno, Media & Education Technology Instructor

Educational experiences with interdisciplinary approaches in STEAM education have guided Martha’s library program as does her pedagogical belief the library is the heart of the school where knowledge and empathy is constructed not just books but from collaboration and inquiry. The library should be an innovative space in which students ask questions, create new learning experiences, and collaborate to deepen their knowledge of the curriculum and the world around them.

Martha resides in Lawrenceville, Georgia with her husband (who is also a teacher) and two spunky children. When she is not working or volunteering for the Georgia Library Media Association, she and her family can often be found hiking or fostering a love of all things nerdy in her children by adventuring to historical places, festivals, or DragonCon.

Martha holds a Bachelors in Middle Grades Education, a Masters in Learning, Design, and Technology, and Ed.S. in Instructional Technology. Her accolades include being the 2019 Fulton County Library Media Specialist of the Year, a 2019 AASL Social Media Superstar Finalist, and the 2018 Coastal Georgia Library Media Specialist of the Year. She founded #GaLibChat, is President-Elect of the Georgia Library Media Association, and maintains Discovering the Remarkable, a website and blog dedicated to middle grades library resources.


Martha's certifications include receiving Levels 1 & 2 Google Certifications, being a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Microsoft Trainer Expert, and serving as a Flipgrid Student Voice Ambassador. She is also confident in her ability to embed literacy within STEAM and uses AR/VR in the library.