Famous Failures

By Alanis Mendez

Jennifer Hudson compared to the American Idol winners

Jennifer Hudson only placed in 7th place in American Idol. She was really sad because she didn’t get first place but she didn’t give up and instead, she kept going. The other American Idol winners laughed at her but she didn’t get that in her way. She instead just kept going and kept singing. Both Jennifer Hudson and the other American Idol winners have gone through a lot because they had to work so that they could achieve their goals and even though they went through a lot, they didn’t think of giving up. After American Idol, her mother, brother and nephew were murdered. She was sad but she kept trying to reach her dream of being a singer and actor. Even though she was at first a failure because she didn’t win American Idol, she never gave up and now she is an actress and a singer. Many people from the audience were telling her some bad things about how she looked and sang, but she didn’t give up. She wanted to be a singer but on the other hand she also wanted to be an actress. Jennifer Hudson was the same skill as the winners but the audience preferred the winners because they won and Jennifer didn’t. Not only did the American Idol audience not accept her as a winner, but her family members died and that was a reason for her to quit singing but she didn’t. Jennifer was not happy because the audience didn’t accept her as the Idol winner but she just didn’t give up her career. She only worked harder. Now Jennifer is an actress and a singer. She won an Oscar award for her acting and a Grammy for her singing. . Never give up your dreams.

The Beatles

The Beatles were a band from Liverpool, England. The problem was that many people didn’t listen to the Beatles’ songs and they were sad because no one heard their songs. They tried to fit in so that English people could listen to their songs because they were from England. They were failures because they failed to be successful when they were singing in England. Also, people from England didn’t want to listen to their songs because they were too young and many English people didn’t want young kids to sing and be famous. One possible way to become famous was for them to move to another country so that people could hear their songs. They really didn’t want to leave their country. Also, they thought many people would hate them because they moved. The main difficulty was that people didn’t listen to their songs and also that people from England thought they were failures. Many people thought they were failures because people didn’t listen to their songs and thought that they were really bad musicians but they weren’t. This led to many problems because people didn’t accept them because they were too young when they first started their singing career. Since many people from England didn’t accept them and though they were failure, they decided to move to Germany so that they could be heard. In Germany, they learned to improve their skill as musicians and practiced new songs. Therefore, they moved to Germany and it was a success.


Eminem’s real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers and he was born in Saint Joseph, MO. Eminem is an American rapper, record producer and actor known as one of the best-selling artists of the early 21st century. When Eminem was in high school, he had no close friends and his family moved often. He’d change schools two or three times a year. This was a problem because he was also treated like an outcast at each new school that he went to. This impacted him because he felt like a failure because he barely had friends. Eminem attended Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan, where he failed ninth grade three times and eventually dropped out at the age of 17. Some reasons why he had to dropped out of school is because students beat him up in the bathroom, in the hallways and shoved into lockers. He knew that he eventually wanted to be a singer because he always had a deep affinity for language, studying the dictionary and getting a good grade in his English class. Because of the students that were bullying him, he used drugs and attempted an unsuccessful suicide. When he became older, he realized that none of the things that happened in his childhood were important anymore because he was older now and started to get that out of his mind. As a result of everything that happened in his childhood, he started to believe that he wasn’t a failure back then and also started to live his dream. Now Eminem has won two Grammy Awards and four MTV Awards. Don’t give up your dreams because it can come true some day.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was born on January 8,1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Elvis Presley was a musician and actor and he rose to rapid fame in the mid-1950’s. He was one of the biggest names in Rock ‘n’ Roll. Elvis came from very humble beginnings and grew up to become one of the biggest names in Rock ‘n’ Roll music. He didn’t start out a success. First, Elvis Presley’s family had little money and they moved from place to place frequently. On 1953, after his graduation, he worked a number of jobs while pursuing his musical dream. Next, people though Elvis was a failure because his marriage was falling apart and when he had concerts, he was sad and depressed. Meanwhile, he didn’t worry that people were telling him that he was a failure. and he didn’t give up his music. Finally, he had some confidence in himself and he started his singing career, when he was older. He didn’t feel like a failure anymore, instead he felt like a successful musician. He also didn’t give up his marriage because he really wanted to stay with his wife. After he kept trying, he became the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. In the end, in the morning of August 16,1977, Elvis died of heart failure, at the age of 42. It was later ruled that his death was related to his prescription drug use. It was sad because all of his family member knew that he didn’t want to give up his dream. Never give up your dreams because you might be good at anything.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was a composer and the musical figure in the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras. Ludwig was born on December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany. His personal life was marked by a struggle against deafness, and some of his important works were composed during the last 10 years of his life, when he was quite unable to hear. He was always shy and didn’t have a lot of friends. When he was composing his great song, Beethoven was struggling to come to terms with a shocking and terrible news. He was going deaf. It looks like he wanted to quit composing because he was going deaf. He didn’t want to failed because he was deaf, he wanted to keep composing. Many people even his family told him that he was a failure because he was going deaf and he couldn’t composed anymore. For example, his friends and family told him that he was a failure and that he should quit composing. He really didn’t want to give up composing because that was his life. Despite his extraordinary output of the beautiful music, Beethoven was lonely and frequently miserable throughout his adult life. The most important thing in life is that you never give up your dreams even if you have an obstacle.