Rhino Inventor

Konstantin Ivkin

Software: Inventor

Hardware: Laserengraver

Why would this project be desirable to others?

This project can be a decoration piece because of how unique and cool looking it came out. It can be used as a key holder because of several points sticking out. Such an interesting design can be an awesome conversation starter with is always a bonus.

What obstacle did you face?

I had a very difficult time figuring out how the Inventor program worked. There were a lot of different aspects to it which took some afford to figure out. The assembly of cardboard was tedious and time consuming.

What were you proud of on this project?

I was proud of overcoming the obstacle that the program created for me. It is always nice when you figure out how something works. I also liked the way my final project looked like. It was better than I expected it to come out.
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