The Disney Effect

EmilyClaire Peden

Movie to Restaurant

The movie Beauty and the Beast translating to the Disney park restaurant Be Our Guest.

The restaurants soft opening date was November 12th, 2012 and the official opening date was December 6, 2012. The beasts castle and the scene where the character sing Be Our Guest to Belle is heavily shown through out the entire restaurant. The decorations and scenes are clearly depicted through the three dinning rooms. The food ties directly in with the “Beauty and the Beast” story. French-inspired cuisine dominates a dinner menu, and "Grey Stuff" mentioned in the song Be Our Guest is served to guests celebrating special birthdays and anniversary's .


The food served in Be Our Guest is unlike anything else in the Magic Kingdom. The food is served via traditional table service, while a separate quick-service lunch menu offers faster options, ordered via kiosks but still served table side. The lunch ordering process begins in the aforementioned suit of armor hallway and the study, placing orders via touch screen kiosks. From there, each party is handed a plastic rose and instructed to select a table throughout all three rooms of the restaurant. By placing that rose on the table servers receive a “table association,” linking that party’s order to that particular location via embedded computer systems. Then while patrons get up to get their drinks and silverware, servers bring food to the table. It’s a pleasant departure from standing around a counter waiting for food.


The ballroom is the largest of three dining rooms,The Beast’s ominous West Wing serves as the smallest, containing only a handful of tables in a dimly-lit environment. The Rose Gallery offers a complete contrast to the West Wing, showcasing each "animated object" in pictures on the walls and has a music box of Belle and the Beast dancing in circles. In total, the restaurant can seat up to nearly 550 guests, immersing them into instantly recognizable places from the classic animated movie, across differing moments in time.


Disney effected my life the summer of 2007. My family and both of my grandparents went to DisneyWorld for vacation and one day my Dad's parents went to Epcot while everyone else went to Magic Kingdom and it had been raining pretty badly and my grandpa (Dad's dad) slipped and fell down some stairs, he broke his leg. The next day I got sick with a stomach bug and then that night my dad and grandma (moms mom) caught it too. My mom, brother and grandpa (Mom's dad) stayed out of our room as much as possible and they went swimming one day and my brother went to do a flip into the pool and hit his hip on the side of the pool, my mom thought he knocked himself out and jumped into the pool fully clothes to try to save him. We left shortly after all of this stuff happened, and didn't get to finish the trip. Disney upon hearing what happened gave my family a full refund and my grandparents (Dad's parents) a full refund and lifetime tickets. Despite all that had happened we had great customer service and Disney was very kinds about it and it even made me want to go back again. It effected me by showing me that just because one trip was bad it doesn't mean the park or the cast members are bad, it showed me the full meaning of the "Disney effect" and just how customer service should be.