My Best Technology Projects of 2015

By King Shump

Story Bird Project

One of my best projects/stories of this school year was my story bird project. Dream Big was a story I wrote which was basically a inspirational and motivating story about making your dreams come true.

ToonTastic Fairy Tale Project

This was also one of my favorite projects. I created a toon tastic about a young king trying to find his was back home after he wakes up in a hospital bed. The story involves characters who were based off of real life people.

Blogger Websites

This was my best project of the school year. I put a lot of work into this website. It consists of a numerous amount of posts/blogs that were about things I like to do and things that interests me.

Haiku Deck Project

This was also another creative project. The project consists of 10 human qualities which included both a picture and a quote. This was also an inspirational, motivational project.

My 1st Smore Project

My 1st Smore project was a biography on Kevin Durant. I liked this project because I got to talk about my favorite basketball player. This biography included KD's birthday, birthplace, his basketball career in high school, college, and the NBA.

Pictures from some of my projects