Nowember News Letter

Do you want to volunteer for the holidays?

This month NRHH is volunteering at the Festival of Trees and Lights! Every month NRHH takes part in a service event and we enjoy doing it. If you are ever interested in volunteering with us contact Sarah Akers at sarah,akers@louisville.edu.

Upcoming Events!

October OTM Winners

October OTM winners:

Bulletin Board: Health Promotions Office written by: Nia Long

Custodial/Maintenance: Ms. Sue written by: Jamie Bradley

Desk Assistant: Connor Priest written by: Madison Orman

Diversity Program: Taco' Bout It person in charge: Katie Burr written by: Katie Burr

Executive Board Member: Zach Dugan (RSA) written by: Liz Spenlau

Institution Faculty/Staff: Gary Becker written by: Maria Kues

Spotlight: The Ville Grill Breakfast Staff written by: Joel Houlette

Community Service Program: Haunted Hospital person in charge: Evan Vickers written by: Evan Vickers

First Year Student: Erica Fields written by: Wade Vierheller

Organization: NRHH Service Committee written by: Wade Vierheller

Residence Life Faculty/Staff: Ashley Hazen written by: Aaron Schultz

Resident Assistant: Bob Muntis written by: Jenny Falcone

Social Program: Kurz Karnival person in charge: Miranda Thomas written by: Wade Vierheller

Student: Sarah Exner written by: Abigail Wittmer