social media 4 educational activism

learn the tools. learn the rules.

State and national educational policy conversations are dominated by large associations, foundations, corporations, and reform groups. These well-resourced organizations have utilized popular social media platforms to spread their messages and advocate for their interests. These platforms also are available to individuals and small educational activist groups but often are underutilized due to unfamiliarity with - or apprehensions about - the technologies. As a result, smaller organizations lack the political and societal mindshare enjoyed by larger entities.

This workshop is intended to help educational activists become familiar with some of the primary social media platforms and tools available to them for advocacy work. During our time together, we will help you:

  • get set up with new accounts,
  • subscribe to incoming information streams that inform your work,
  • get organized to minimize cognitive overload,
  • schedule your resource dissemination efforts, and
  • automate posting across social media platforms.

Participants should bring login information for their individual - and, preferably, organizational - social media accounts, an Internet-capable computer, and a charging cord. By the end of the evening you'll be up and running with numerous new technology tools, strategies, and techniques for educational advocacy success!

Terrace Room, Lawrence Street Center, CU Denver

Monday, April 10th, 5:30-9pm

1380 Lawrence Street

Denver, CO

We will start at 5:30pm sharp in the Terrace Room (2nd floor) of CU Denver's Lawrence Street Center, 1380 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80204.

We have room for 50 participants. Sign up soon!


Scott McLeod, J.D., Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Colorado Denver. His blog, Dangerously Irrelevant, is one of the most popular and influential education blogs in the world. His video series, Did You Know? (Shift Happens), has been seen by almost 100 million viewers and he has nearly 50,000 Twitter followers at @mcleod. Use the links below to learn more about Scott and to access his social media channels.

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