BBQ & Quiz Night

in support of Jordans Village Store Transformation Project

Saturday July 6

After consulting with the Plunkett Foundation, which supports community shops, we have a treasure trove of advice on making the shop a destination; something beyond a convenience store and more a Jordans highlight (see photos below!) But we need to raise the funds needed to effect this transformation and ensure the shop's long-term sustainability.

with food by The Jolly Cricketers of Seer Green

Saturday, July 6th, 6:30pm

Jordans Village Hall, Jordans, Buckinghamshire, UK HP9 2SY

Tickets on sale starting Saturday, June 15 at the shop

£20 for BBQ & Quiz

BBQ by the Jolly Crickets pub in Seer Green!


Stockings Farm Sausages & Cricketers Burgers (or vegetarian option)


Tomato, Red Onion, Caper, Parsley & Black Olive Salad

Jacket Potatoes, Sour Cream & Chives

Strawberries & Double Cream

Refreshments & cash bar - featuring local ales! - throughout the evening

organised by the Jordans Shop Committee

General remarks from the Plunkett Foundation visit, 7/2012

The first impression of the shop is delightful and I thought I would be giving it full marks. However, in view of the rather low turnover in quite a large store in a prosperous area and in view of its recent loss-making year, the attention must switch to ways of improving sales, increasing average spend from undoubtedly loyal customers, and introducing new products, or new ways of presentation.

The shop could benefit from a visit from an expert to help with layout in the awkward shape (the pillars and the immovable deli counter) and there’s a need to get the customers to shop the whole shop, so we can arrange that visit hopefully (support application form being sent).

Promotion and marketing, signage and opening hours are all high-priority matters to be addressed by the committee and staff. Signage is virtually non-existent and there are obstacles to purchasing everyday items such as eggs and bread (a newcomer may not want to ask for these items, especially if the prices aren’t visible and the quality can’t be examined). Bake-off could prove very popular in this village and there’s plenty of room. Also, decent coffee with a proper machine – maybe a Barista-style machine – these are proving very popular in the village stores (note: this has been added!)

The ambience is very good as it is a light and airy, clean and very friendly store. However, the majority of stock is laid out as a convenience store and there are inexpensive ways of making it more fashionable and current. We've sent photos of an East Sussex village store (note: the photos above) that opened in 2012 which is right on-trend, with open front table, heaped local foods, local eggs, blackboard signage, baskets, refillable olive oil bottles etc. The balance can still be struck so that those on all budgets can find what they need (this shop is big enough for that).