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The Brave Chloe

Want to do a big challenge and raise money for brain troumor search and help them live? Kokada is a walking challenge where you walk 96k for 5 hours.

Chloe is a girl that was a very passionate swimmer and wanted to represent Australia in the Olympics, but one day it all changed. Chloe was in a terrible car crash where she got bad brain damage and they had to remove part of her skull.

The nurses in the hospital said that she would have to stay there for 9-10 months and learn how to walk again, feed herself and more. She wanted to prove them wrong and get out earlier, she ended up recovering and leaving in 3 months after the crash.

Chloe heard about Kokada Challenge and ended up doing it with her dad even though she was still in alot of pain. She was one in a million people that completed it. Chloe wanted to thank every nurse that helped her recover and raise money for the hospital.

By Mila 6E