Mesopotamian Innovations

By: Michael Dalby

Introduction (Innovations)

Innovations are one of Mesopotamia's legacy's. An invention is made when someone has an idea and puts it into the real world by building it, for example computers and cars are an invention. Inventions have made it possible to sleep under a roof, or drive a car to the store and even fly an air plane to a different country. In my opinion innovations made this world as it is today, we rely on inventions because we wouldn't survive without them.

Mesopotamia on a map

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The Wheel

The wheel is an innovation made by the Mesopotamian's, the wheel made long distance travel and basically any type of travel so much easier! The early wheel was not a round circle when the Mesopotamian's made it, it had bumps in it and chips taken out of it, and was usually made out of wood or stone. Although the wheel wasn't that good back then it still effected our civilization in so many ways! It made a great inspiration for us today, we took that idea and upgraded it, now we make them out of rubber and metal and shaped of a perfect circle and way more durable. If the Mesopotamian's hadn't invented the wheel we might not have have cars like we all know of today and almost every adult uses one every day! The wheel has also affected us so that we can land air planes on runways, if we didn't have the wheel what would the plane land on, and if that was the case we couldn't get across the world in under 24 hours!


Math is the most useful subject ever, it is used for almost everything in the world! Math is involved in 99% of the jobs in this entire world! Math started by writing math on a stone tablet, or with a stick on dirt, but has evolved not that we can write it on a touch screen tablet, or the usual way of writing on paper with a pencil. Math is critical to know when you are shopping so you can add up how much money you are giving the cashier, or how much money you are spending. This subject is also great for things like fun activities, board games and even sorting things. Think of it if we did not have math we wouldn't know how to do almost anything, we wouldn't know how to count, we couldn't be able to get a job, it would be a disaster!

Why inventions are the most important legacy

Inventions are the most important legacy of Mesopotamia because they are everything you see today, from a riding bike to going on a computer, they all are inventions. Mesopotamian's has made many inventions like the wheel, math and writing, which have all evolved over the years and have impacted everyone around the world even us in a western civilization. These inventions have changed our life because they have made school possible, driving and even mini activities like drawing. But if those inventions weren't evolved by people from the years after the innovations were made, we wouldn't be as successful as we are today as a community.