World Religions: Buddhism

By: Terry Brown

What Is The Most Important Belief In Buddhism?

The Most Important Belief In Buddhism is...

  • The 4 noble truths
The reasoning behind is because when "The Enlightened One" came back from the tree he was sitting under, he let the people know about everything he had been enlightened about, like about how we need to act and how we need to live our lives, And how we need to strive for perfection of life. If they did not live by these beliefs then they would not be living by the example The Buddha has set for them.

They Believe This Because...

It lets them know that there are things that need to be followed and that you should always follow these rules and you will meat they ultimate goal which is perfection, and only if you follow these rules you will be able to reach perfection.

In My Opinion The Reason Why The Believers Follow Buddha IS...

Because when he came back he had so much confidence in what he had to say when he told everyone about enlightenment. Plus when he told the people that they would have a life again and again I think that made the people more attracted to what he had to say about what he had learned. But if he did not tell them that they wouldn't have another life I think they wouldn't have listened as much as they did when he told them that.

Some more information about Buddhism...

Extremists justify their actions against non believers by...

Looking back at a fight against a Buddhist king and a non believer king. So in this fight the Buddhist king won and so when Buddhist monks now a days do something bad against a non believer than all they have to refer back to to say that it was okay to do what they did then all they have to do is look back to what happened after that fight.

Now if you are looking for something like if they do something against their belief then to them they will not have a good next life, and they would be upsetting the Buddha by not following what they promised to follow. So if you ever see a Buddhist monk being mean to a non believer then they are not following the belief system like they should.

A Current Event Of Buddhism...

The Buddhist monks are attacking Muslims.

Well in the point of view of the Buddhists then you can say that there was something that set something off in the minds of the Buddhists monks, which made them attack the Muslims. But if you look back in time when we had the fight against the non believing king that king was possibly a Muslim king, and when the Buddhist king destroyed his opponents. After the bloodshed, some enlightened ones consoled him that the slain "were like animals; you will make the Buddha's faith shine". So in our eyes we are letting the Buddha's faith shine bright so everyone can join.

This is a positive outcome for the Buddhist but a negative outcome for the world.

An Important Artifact For Buddhism Is...

The Begging Bowl. The begging bowl is used for the receiving of money and gifts and is also known as a alms bowl. (The word for begging-bowl in Pali is patta; in Sanksrit it is patra). In legend while The Buddha was sitting under the Bodhi Tree a young girl came up to him with a golden bowl in her hands and offered him some rice from this such bowl. He then accepted this bowl of rice and spread it over a 49 day period for everyday after until he was enlightened. This is important because it can normally stand for The Buddha himself, and it lets people know what he used to survive from.
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Song Of Buddhism

2. To Love Is To Care And Be Kind [Download MP3]
(Lyrics/Music: Imee Ooi)

Be kind to all your friends and family
Be kind to cats and butterflies and trees
Don't hurt the fishes swimming in the sea
Here is what the Buddha says to me

To Love is to care for all living around us
To Love is to be kind to all beings around us

What this is saying is quite self explanatory but since I need to say, this relates to Buddhism because one of the rules (you can say) says that you need to be kind and don't be violent towards living things and creatures. This is really just telling you this in this poem it is telling you that you need to love and care and be kind to everyone and thing.