Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

main characters

The main characters during this story was Jacob Gutgel, Alex and Mela Roslan. Jacob was a little Jew boy that lived in the ghetto and was rich but had no mom and his father left him, his aunt, his grandmother and his two younger brothers. He was scared and afraid but he eventually warmed up to the family and felt like it was his home and got very attached to Alex.Alex was a brave and generous old man with two children of his own risking his family's life to save two Jewish kids. He took in the boys like they were his own and was always positive and reassuring. Mela was not really for the whole idea of taking in a Jew during this time and got mad at Alex for doing it. She eventually warmed up to him would sometimes get angry with the whole situation but she made sure Jacob felt at home. When it came to taking in two kids she was ready to got tell on Alex for what he has done but in her heart she couldn't do it because her love for the children was way more then she expected.


This story took place in WWII and was based on a Jewish boy that was taken in with a catholic family.Jacob was taken in by the Roslans and the story is Jacob telling you how he survived and what he went through.Also it tells what everyone around was going through and how hard it was to stay inside for four years not knowing where his parents were or his family members. The story also shows the love you can have for a child that not your own but soon becomes a big part of your family.Also it states what the Jews had to go through and the background behind WWI.

Images Of Main Characters

Righteous Amoung Nations Award

The Roslans deserved the Righteous Among Nations Award because they put they're life on the line to protect Jacob and his brother David. During this long period of time they made the boys feel at home and equally treated. The Roslans had to move several times during WWII just to keep the boys and their family safe. They had to move mostly because their neighbors were suspicious and thought they were hiding the Jews. When they moved they cut their couch to fit Jacob in it just so no one saw them. Also Jacob got very sick and his operation was very serious and cost a lot of money because he was a Jew, the Roslans sold their apartment for the money. They were homeless for a little while until they found a small apartment. Not only did they take in one Jew but they took in David, Jacob's younger brother after 3 years with just Jacob. They protected the boys through it all and kept them alive and healthy.

Quote/ Citation

"Alex and Mela were heroes, they saved us."

This quote meant that Alex and Mela took the boys into their family and saved their lives.The boys were Jewish and if they were to stay in the ghetto they would've been killed or had to work till they were walking dead and then killed. The Roslans changed their identity to fit in with the family. They did whatever it took for the boys to stay healthy and safe.


Jacob's rescue holocaust story was very good and interesting. This was an easy read and always kept you wanting to read more. I think it is very important for people all ages to read this book. It gives you a different look on how lucky you are and what really went on during WWII from a child's point of view who was living with people he barley knew. Also it shows you how people that were hiding how they got around and how they stayed healthy and kept on going through it all. Also Davids brother had blue eyes and blonde hair and he got to go outside and play with other kids when he was Jewish but since Jacob looked Jewish he couldn't. It also shows you how great of people there is out there and how much they went through just to save little kids they didn't even know and put their life on the line.