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May 4th, 2016

News You Can Use!

* Our Field trip is Friday! Please be sure to wear close toed shoes and bring a sack lunch!

* We are still looking for a few more volunteers for the Battle of Books on Friday, May 20th.

Important Dates

May 13th- Field trip to the Fermilab

May 17th- Fun Run!

May 20th- Battle of the Books competition

May 30th- NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

May 30th- All Library books due back to the Conley Library

June 3rd- Last day of school!

Subject Snapshots


Story- Cliff Hanger

Comprehension Skills: Literary Elements: Character, Plot and Theme, Story Structure

Conventions: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs

Vocabulary: Unfamiliar Words, Context Clues

Writing- Thank-You note

Spelling- Greek Word Parts


Unit 9: Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Science: Waves and Energy

Google Expedition!

This week we got to do Google Expedition. We met Mr.Google, a very friendly guy. During this time the class had to look through virtual reality goggles. We got to go to Machu Picchu. We saw terraces and the stone steps. Then we got to go to Cusco. We saw a building and a cave there. Next we went to dive with Bull Sharks. One shark was very close up. After that we got to see a mom gorilla in Kongo. That Gorilla scared us all! Then we went under the sea and saw sea lions. They were so cute in my opinion! We also got to see cool fish! I thought they looked like Dory from Finding Nemo. Google Expedition was lots of fun!

Global Blogging Challenge

This week we started something new and it is called The Global Blogging Challenge. What you do for this challenge is you get a topic to write about on Kidblog every single week and you have to tell stuff about that topic that they have given you. Our topic this week is is telling everybody about us and what we like to do and what are our likes and dislikes. We also got to comment on 3 other classes that are not in District 158 and had to remember the 3 C's. One out of the 3 C's is Conversation and you are supposed to create a Conversation with the people you are commenting on. Next the other one is Compliment and what you do for that one is you give a Compliment or say something nice about their paragraph. Finally the last one is Connection and you have to make a Connection to their writing piece in their blog. That is something new that we started this week for FUN!

Collaboration Room Project

In the Collaboration Rooms, we did projects all about different BOB books. I did it with Caleb and AC. We did an Animoto all about the book, "Magic School Bus Inside the Earth." The goal was to teach our classmates about the books we read. Other groups did google slides presentation. Others may have also done google draws.
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This week in literacy we did a lot of things, and by a lot I mean


. On Monday we learned a lot about comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs. Comparative compares 2 things and superlative compares 3 or more things. On Tuesday we did a Greek word part spelling sheet. On Wednesday We worked on our vocabulary google draw, a vocabulary quizlet, and a fable QR code + google form theme sheet for the Aesop fables we read from the QR codes. On Thursday we gave a partner a practice spelling test. On Friday we took our week 3 test online. We also did a quizlet live on this weeks vocabulary. We also did a team kahoot on the vocabulary this week. That is what we did in literacy this week. : )

Ciick here to see our Vocabulary Google Draw projects.

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

In math this week, we learned how to multiply and divide decimals. We did a worksheet using number models to show how to estimate decimals. Another lesson taught us how to correctly place the decimal point in multiplication and division problems. To practice this new concept, our homework gave us the correct answers but without the decimal points. We had to figure out where to put the decimal points. We also did our usual time test for the week. Overall we learned a lot in math this week.

Mrs. Price's Math Class

We started a new unit in math this week, well, we started it on Friday, but whatever. On Monday, we talked about fluid customary units. Some examples are pints, quarts, cups, fluid ounces, cups and gallons. Two teachers from Legee came to watch our class combine Pearson math and guided math together. Sometimes they would ask what we were doing. We all did a Solve and Share and the Convince Me.Then, we started guided math, for the first rotation my group played a toss and talk game. Then we did the guided practice and finished with Mrs. Price.

Then, on Tuesday, we did, NOTHING!!! Well, we did take a MAP Math Test, but it was the last one of the year!.

On Wednesday, we talked about customary units of capacity, like lbs., oz., and T. Along with converting those units, for example

2,000 lbs. = 1 T

1 lb. = 16 oz.

For converting, when changing a bigger unit to a smaller unit, you multiply, but when you're converting smaller units to bigger units, you divide. Like every day, we started off whole group, doing the Solve and Share and Convince Me. We also talked about different professions that use tons, we said miners and archaeologists. Then, we started guided math. For the first rotation we did a Quick Check, but we had to write out our steps too. Then we did the guided practice and finished with Mrs. Price.

Next, on Thursday we talked about metric units of length.

1 km. = 1,000 m.

1 m. = 100 cm.

1 m. = 1,000 mm.

1 cm. = 10 mm.

Once again we did the Solve and share and convince me. For the first rotation, we had to do a math and science paper. The next rotation was the Guided practice and last, we finished with Mrs. Price.

Finally, on Friday Mrs. Price wasn't there, so Mrs. Wasniewski taught us instead. We talked about liters and milliliters which are examples of metric units of capacity. We did the convince me, solve and share and the guided practice whole class. That left some time so we could do Prodigy. Prodigy is a new math game that Mrs. Price has introduced to us. That is what we did in math this week.


This week in writing we wrote thank you notes to our brave heroes ( Soldiers ) . In the thank you card we thanked them for all their services to our country. The card was very fun to write because we knew we would make someone happy. Our Soldiers are so nice protecting a country so we thought this was something that could make them happy.For my card I spelled Soldier on the front and put a trait for each letter. The thank you card had to be 1 paragraph long and show all of our gratitude.We had a lot of fun making this card and hope our soldiers love them.


This week in science we started off on Monday a new lesson on waves, we did a worksheet that look's like this:






For each letter we had to write a fact about waves. After that we did a TodaysMeet, about what you want but can't get now. Then we learned about solar heat, with a video. On Tuesday we talked about what types of waves there are and wrote it in our science notebook. On Wednesday we went on Discovery Ed. with two videos and text to watch and read. We also watched a Bill Nye video on waves and while we were watching we had to, write a worksheet about. On Thursday we watched a brain pop. Finally on Friday We watched the same brain pop video, and did a quiz sheet on it as a class. That is what we did in science this week.


On Monday in PE we did something called dance dance revolution, it is where we have mats and the people on the screen show you the dance moves that you are supposed to do! On Tuesday we did dance dance revolution again! On Wedsnday we did something called the mile run, it is where you go outside and run four laps, and you get the time that you took to complete the mile! On Thursday we did dance dance revolution again! On Friday we did dance dance revolution! That is what we did in PE this week!


We had to build a clay animal. We could pick any animal we wanted but we only had today to finish it. The animals will be put in a kiln to bake. We had to make sure it was not too think or thin or it will break or explode.


This week in music our music teacher read us a book on a different color days. Then we brain stormed what the colors felt like to us. Some of the colors were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, brown, and black. Some of the feelings were still and ecstatic. When we finished brain storming we went on chrome music lab ( chrome music lab is on our Chromebooks ) to create what we think the feelings felt like to us. We also made up names for the music instruments. We also got to play most of the instruments.

Summer Ice

See attached flyer about the Summer Ice Program offered through our school district.

Click here for the flyer.