The History of Technology

By Kyle S.

The Man who created the computer age.

The first computer to have ever been invented was by a man named Charles Babbage. It doesn't look like computers that we have now. In fact the device wasn't even electronic! It was used to calculate and perform mathematical equations. Charles Babbage was the first person to start the computer age. But he needed funding from the bank which didn't end well. The government had lost faith in it thinking the device would fail. Later in in 1845 he created another one and that was a complete failure, it fell apart and it never operated well.

Charles life in Cambridge.

He was in a after school activity which they studied paranormal phenomenon. He was the top mathematician at the university. In 1832 he was elected as an MP. He thought that the Cambridge math department was not as strong as he thought it was. When Charles was studying abroad he was accepted to teach at Cambridge. He also made the Analytical society with other students who wanted to learn more about math.