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October 5, 2017

Chip Shoppe Fundraiser

If you still have Chip Shoppe orders to turn in, please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Just a reminder that FREE breakfast is served from
8:00-8:40 am every day for all children.

Breakfast - 10/9-10/13

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Lunch - 10/9-10/13

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Mark Your Calendars!

Click HERE to view the Bryant calendar!

Bryant Events -

Upcoming Dates:

10/11 - IDS Kids to Burch Barn for Day
10/10 - PTO Meeting 3:30-4:30 pm
10/13 - Fire Safety for Grades K-3 During School
10/17 - Bryant PTO Math and Reading Night Times TBD
10/26 - Bryant Monster Mash Bash Dance and Fun 6-8pm
10/27 - No School for Students

10/30-10/31 - No School for Students - Staff Development

**12/19 - Bryant Winter Sing-Along - 2 shows, 9:30 and 1:30 pm**

Welcome Back Family Math Night!

Register for a great night of Math and FUN here at Bryant Elementary!

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Chess at Bryant!

Maxwell Carey enjoyed a chess match with the Mayor this week. The children enjoyed learning about chess and watching the match up! Way to go Max!

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Ned Show!

Students at Bryant enjoyed the NED show yesterday to help us kick off Bullying Prevention Month! They have a fun way to encourage students to be Upstanders and Spreading Kindness!

We are paying with the Pay-It-Forward option. PTO has agreed to help out with selling yo-yo's after school and during the conferences on Thursday night. These profits then go to the next school that NED visits (ours was paid for by the previous school). YoYo's will be sold through Wednesday of next week in the morning and after school. Thank You PTO!

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Good News Club Back at Bryant!

Hello, if you are interested in signing your child up for the Good News Club, please fill out the registration form attached to the email. They will meet every Thursday, starting on Oct. 19 in the Music Room.

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4H Club is Starting at Bryant!

Hello, the 4H club will be starting back at Bryant. If you want to print the registration form, please print it of from the email. Thanks!

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Truancy Information

There are two simple areas that have been shown to support future success in children; reading to your children and elementary school attendance. I don’t know much about reading aside from how important it is, but I do know that elementary school attendance is the best predictor of high school completion. A first grade student with 9 or more total absences is two times more likely to drop out of high school. For low income students, each additional day of absence over 5 days decreases the likelihood of graduating by 7%. Not having a high school diploma is a huge barrier to finding a job or gaining advanced vocational training. So attendance is a basic requirement of success.

In Wisconsin, school attendance is mandatory from age 6 through 18 (Wisconsin State Statutes 118.15). Wisconsin State Statutes 118.16(a) defines a child as truant if he or she misses 5 or more days in a school semester. This means that a parent/guardian can excuse 5 days per semester or 10 days total in a school year. Superior School District attendance policy mirrors this requirement.

The law also defines an absence as all or part of a day. Even showing up 15 minutes late or leaving school 15 minutes early, quickly add up to a large amount of learning. In many classes the beginning of the day is when basic reading and math lessons occur.

It’s important to remember that even if the absence is excused, your child still missed a day of learning.

Superior School District Bylaws & Policies 5200 defines acceptable excuses for an absence. If no excuse is sent then it is unexcused and any absences over the allowed 5 per semester are considered unexcused. It is important that parents keep in good communication with the schools about absences and the schools will work with parents to make sure their students get make up work so they lose minimal ground.

If attendance becomes an ongoing problem, I work with schools to make sure the student gets to school. This ranges from simple phone calls to the parents to find out barriers to attendance to making referrals to the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office for the court to supervise the attendance. State law also allows police to issue a city ordinance citation for habitual truancy ($200.50 forfeiture for first offense).

In the end the important thing is that elementary students get to school. Aside from the academic learning there is also important life skills learned about responsibility, being on time, planning ahead, etc. If you are having challenges with attendance or being tardy get in touch with the school. They have vast experience with ways to get kids to school and overcoming barriers.

If you have questions or concerns about attendance please let your school know or contact me at 715-395-6066 ext. 25420 or e-mail me at

Community Flyers -

Please click HERE to view/print all of our current and past community flyers & registration forms! If you notice, we have a new website! This brings you to our community "Bulletin Board" page - you can click directly on the flyer and you can print it off whatever one you need. If you have any issues navigating around our website, please feel free to call the office with questions, 715-394-8785.

Community Flyers on Web Page:
  • Sterling Silver Fall Dance Classes
  • YMCA Junior Volleyball
  • SAHA Skate Program
  • SAHA FREE Learn To Skate Program
  • Superior Figure Skating Registration Information
  • Lake Superior Youth Chorus
  • Deep Water Music
  • UWS Cultures Around the World
  • Club Superior Junior Volleyball
  • SBA House League
  • Salvation Army RBA Basketball registration
  • Twin Ports Rampage 5k