From Sap To Maple Syrup

By: Isabella Coss 3RS


Don't you love the sweet maple syrup on your pancakes and waffles . Im going to talk about

maple syrup because i like the sweet tast and i wonder the steps you go through to make it.


Your supposed to drill a hole in the tree. You will see sap drip out. Next you hammer the

spout so you can hang the bucket . then you wait a day or two the sap to fill up the



The next you go to the sugar house or some people call it sugar shack. The next step is

boiling the sap. The boiling part is very important when you boil the maple syrup it will soon began to get thick. It will also be more sweet.

The next step is very important. it is filtering. the filtering will get all the yucky stuff like leaves and ants can be in the maple syrup. Yuck. What you put the maple syrup in is a

container. Then you use a cloth and there are little tiny holes in it so the maple syrup will

go right through and then there will be all kinds of stuff laying on the cloth. After your done with filtering your going to pour the maple syrup into metal cans.


Then the maple syrup is loaded in the truck to stores. It goes to Walmart and the market

and lots of other places.


I love maple syrup on my pancakes. I love maple syrup on my waffles. I can eat

maple syrup all day.

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