Mrs.Stagg's Class

Week 1

From Mrs. Stagg

It was wonderful meeting all of you Meet the Teacher! I can already tell we are going to have a very outgoing, social class. That's a great thing, as I love lively discussions about what we are learning. I will give you more information about our class Tuesday night at 6:00pm for Parent Orientation. I look forward to seeing you Monday morning at 7:40


This week, we will learn the routines and procedures of Reader's Workshop and how to choose "just right" books. We will also share our favorite book and think about our favorite reading memory!


In writing, we will discuss what a writer does. Writer's write for lots of reasons, so we will practice writing different things throughout the week! We will also write about our summer vacation!


This week, we are learning about Infographics. They're all over the place these days and are a great visual representation of data. All week ling we will work to create an infographic out US!

Science/ Social Studies

This week, it's all about routines and procedures. We have very specific procedures in place for hallway, bathroom, and classroom behavior, so we will be practicing, and practicing, and practicing.

And now, something to make you smile...

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