The Bear Necessities

April 6, 2016

Week of the Young Child

We have been asked to have a representative to accept recognition certificate for "Week of the Young Child", April 14th, 7:00 PM, at the Board of Education mtg. Please let me know if you are interested and willing to say a few words. Also, we often make a night of it, I will place a sign up sheet on my door if you would be interested in dinner and a board meeting!! We do not stay for the entire Board Meeting. Satellites can send me their sign ups...

This is the perfect opportunity to remind our community and Board of Education about the amazing things that we do for our littlest learners and their families.

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MOPATA, Missouri Parents as Teachers Association

Another way you will soon be able to advocate for early education is through membership in MOPATA. This organization is new to our state, it's purpose is to advocate for the Parents as Teachers program to continue and to grow in the state of Missouri. I think most of you have had the opportunity to see the power of this program in action!! More to come, I am a founding board member, so I will let you know when we are officially up and running.
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Site Based Team (SBT) Agenda

There were several items submitted for Site Based that really didn't need a decision or discussion by staff, so I will just speak to them now.

Chairs in the lobby moving toward doors during screening days....we are looking at this to see what can be done. The room needs to be there for all of the folks who come to screening while our students are in class. The room needs to be there to accept all of those car riders. Our building has many programs running very special events on a daily basis, we can figure this one out.

Arrival of students - Staff Duty

It was noted to SBT that I used the "Bear Necessities" to remind everyone that a para or teacher from each classroom that had both at arrival was to be in the hallway. This person reported that this is not occurring in the Ashley Hall and it really isn't always occurring in the Zachary Hall either. SO.....if there are two of you in the room at arrival, one of you needs to say to the other, ONE OF US NEEDS TO BE IN THE HALL!! We greet kids in the hall and monitor behaviors. If your arrival routine needs two of you to manage it, you need to look at a change. This will occur next year as well, so plan accordingly.


Reminder: Please submit a copy of your conference schedule to the office.

  • Regarding time off requests, classified staff will still need to request the entire time off. If they request 4 hours and they return after 4 hours plus some, they will need to modify this time off request or work the extra time before the end of the week.

  • Mail procedure instructions and mail supplies are in the File Room.

  • Please notify the office if a Title student is now eligible to receive Special Education services. Please place the Title cumulative file in the brown file

Upcoming Events:

4/4-4/8 Sped Team Meetings

4/6 8:30 Para Staff Meeting

4/7 Fire Drill

4/8 9:30-11:00 PLE Students at ECC

4/11 4:00-6:30 Big Truck Night

4/13 8:15 ECC Staff Meeting

10:00 SBT Meeting

4/18 DRDP Tech Info Entered – Due Date

4/20-4/21 Parent Teacher Conferences

4/21 Read from the Start

4/22 ECC Staff Comp Day

4/28 Emergency Response Drill

4/28 Read from the Start

4/29 DRDP Data Due into DRDP Tech

5/6 8:15 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

5/6 Fire Drill

5/6 Student Profiles (used to be called Goldenrods) for all

Title/PEER/Head Start students due (Behavior Concerns

Should be printed on Red – All others on light blue)

5/11 12:00 MLE Transition Meeting at ECC

5/20 ECC Last Day of School

5/23 District Last Day of School

6/6-6/30 ECC ESY

My Week:

Today: Interviews all day, then to Longview Mansion to support our candidate!!

Thursday - District Spec Serv Mtg. AM, here PM

Friday - here

Monday - here

Tuesday - here

Wednesday - see you all at staff meetings

*"Here" is an odd term, (insert chuckle)...we have multiple locations and meetings are called on a quick basis sometimes....Lori and Teresa can find me!!