The followers are Christians

All About Christianity

Christianity is one of the biggest religions there are. The followers of the Christianity religion are Christians. A common figure in Christianity is Abraham. Christianity is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Sacraments or Traditions include baptism. Baptism marks a Christians' entrance to the church. Some Christian holidays include Christmas and Easter. Christmas celebrates Jesus's birth, and Easter celebrates Jesus's death. (Crucifixion) The Christian's place of worship are temples and churches. Groups of Christians include Baptists, Methodists, Church of Christ, and Presbyterian.

Central Teachings/Beliefs

Christians believe in many things. Some of their key beliefs are Prayer, The Sabbath, and The Trinity. Christians believe that you should pray daily, to thank god, and ask for things you need. The second key belief that Christians have is The Sabbath. The Sabbath is a day of rest. Christians do not work on Sundays. The last key belief is The Trinity. The Trinity is The Father, The son-Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Book

The Holy Book in the Christian religion is the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible contains The Old Testament and The New Testament.

Holy Days/Holy Holidays

Christian holidays include Christmas and Easter.

  • Christmas- Celebrates Jesus Christ's birth
  • Easter- Celebrates sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ which allows believers to live with God eternally in Heaven

Holy Cities/Places

For Christians, a common holy site is the church of the Holy Sepulcher. (The site of Jesus's crucifixion) Jerusalem is also a Holy city for Christians because it marks the place of Jesus's birth.
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Common Figure

The common figure for Christianity, Islam, and Judaism is Abraham.

View of God

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism View of God is Monotheistic. Mono means one, so all of the religions believe in one god.