Children's Law Requirments

By: Cami Sirovatka

The Duties

As a Children's lawyer, you must communicate with your clients along with anyone who is involved with your client such as the mother or father. You will also need to conduct research and analysis of any legal problems that may occur. Interpreting laws and ruling regulations for individuals and businesses is also something you will need to accomplish.
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Practice Environments

A few environments where you can practice the duties of a Children's Lawyer include practicing with the Local Government, Federal Government and the State Government, and private practice.


The median annual wage as of 2012 was $113,530. The lowest 10% was less than $54,310 and the highest 10% was more than $187,200.

Required Education and Training

To become a Children's Lawyer, you will need to complete a total of seven years of full-time study after High School. After graduating from college, you will need to complete the Law School Admissions Test and receive a score of at least 120 to qualify. The average score received is a 150.
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