Week at a Glance


Field Day



Incoming 5th Grade Orientation


Incoming 5th Grade Orientation


5th grade Talent Showcase @ 8:15 (Cafeteria)

Evening performance of Talent Showcase @ 7:00pm


6th grade Talent Showcase @ 8:15 (Cafeteria)


The following email was sent to me this week from Harry Meeker, Director of Buildings and Grounds regarding door stops:

As you know, our buildings were recently inspected by the Mt. Laurel Fire Dept. One issue they found, was doors being propped open. Door chocks are not allowed. These doors help slow the spread of a fire. Please share this information with your teachers.

Also, extension cords are only to be used for temporary needs, and should be sized properly. Please ask your teachers to not bring in extension cords, from home.


N.J.A.C. 5:70-3, 703.2 Fire doors and hold open devices not permitted

ACTION REQUIRED: Remove door chocks and wedges and other hold-open devices

Door stops or any other tool to prop a door open (erasers, bungee cord, string, chairs, etc.) are not allowed under any circumstances. When we fail a fire inspection, the school will be fined. I know that this may be an inconvenience, but it is mandated by the fire code that is being followed by every school in the district. This is not a new rule. Failure to follow the mandate could result in disciplinary action.

Try,Try Again

We are going to make a second attempt to get Field Day in Monday. We also have the JDRF Walk scheduled for Monday. We will alternate events. 6th grade will have Field Day in the morning while the 5th grade participates in the JDRF Walk. 6th grade will then participate in the JDRF Walk in the afternoon while the 5th grade takes part in Field Day.

Peoples Choice Awards

I would like to thank Valerie Groninger and all that assisted her in putting on a great event on Wednesday night. I've received several complimentary emails about the event and talked to many family members afterwards that were touched by the words that were spoken about their child. Thank you to all that attended. You created lasting memories for all of the students involved.