By Jason Cortez

What are illustrators

llustrators create the images used in publications, such as comic books, graphic novels, children's stories, books and magazines. In order to design these images, illustrators may use drawing techniques and software programs in their work. This profession can be very competitive, with more illustrators looking for work assignments than there are available jobs.

Illustrator Salary

an illustrator can make $21,698 - $100,255 a year. the better your art is the mostly it will sell.

Obtain the Necessary Education

Illustrators with high school diplomas may qualify for some entry-level positions; however, some employers prefer illustrators to possess associate's or bachelor's degrees. These degree programs are designed to enhance illustrators' natural talents while providing a technical education. Illustrators can obtain core skills like drawing, painting and computer-aided design in undergraduate degree programs in graphic design or illustration. Some of the courses students might take in an illustration program include history of illustration, moving pictures and letterforms. Anyone considering a career in medical illustration may need a graduate degree to go along with premedical undergraduate courses. Medical illustration master's programs typically take two years to complete and consist of courses like surgical sketching, medical illustration techniques and human anatomy.

Create a Professional Portfolio

Professional portfolios consist of completed works that show off artistic strengths. Educational programs typically instruct students in portfolio development, helping them choose the most impressive works to showcase. Portfolios may feature examples of all the major illustration styles or mediums, including painting, drawing and computer work. Employers tend to look at professional portfolios closely to ensure they hire the most talented illustrators.