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My Invention

Inventior Autobiography

You will need to write an autobiography about yourself as an inventor. You will need to answer the following questions in your autobiography: How did you come up with the idea for this invention? And why is this invention important to you?

Invention Comparison

In this section you will need to use your knowledge of the inventions we have studied in class to compare your invention to at least two well known invention that were discussed and researched during the unit. This is the section of your flyer where you want to advertise your invention as the next best thing.

A few inventors we studied include: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, The Wright Brothers, Johannes Gutenberg, Benjamin Franklin, and Tim Berners-Lee

Invention Changes

In this section you will talk about how your invention will change the world? This is your chance to really sell your invention. You will need to inform your reader why they need your invention. What is your invention going to do for them? Will your invention make peoples' lives easier? How so? Is it a time saver? Explain!

Ms. Cline's 3rd Grade Inventors