Climate Change

Investigate & Form Your Opinion!

Go to and go to Learn the Basics

Follow the instructions given on each portion. This will take you several days to complete.

Click on the 'Learn the Basics' tab. Click on 'learn more about climate'. Answer the questions on your handout.

Click previous after answering the questions. You should be back to the home screen.

Click on 'Take a Climate Change Expedition. You will watch the videos and answer the questions. At the end of each video, you will have a code to record on your paper.

After recording all answers, click back to the 'Learn the Basics' tab. Explore the Greenhouse Effect tab.

Go back to 'Learn the Basics'. Explore and answer the questions from the 'The Earth's Climate in the Past' section.

Now go to the 'See the Impacts' tab. You will explore each topic here and answer the questions on your handout.

After completing this activity, you will investigate El Nino and La Nina and put together a presentation as outlined on your handout.