crazy chemistry

by:Jackson Young

introduction: welcome to crazy chemistry my friends. this book will teach us about what chemistry and the secrets of the world are all about.

chapter 1: elements

chapter 1:the key to knowing chemistry must involve elements and this chapter is all about some of these fantastic elements. first things first, oxygen, oxygen is the stuff we breathe every day. oxygen is produced by plants and its also in water H2O. without oxygen none of us would be alive. thanks to oxygen we are alive

chapter 1 continued

gold: gold is a golden colored mineral that can be found mostly in rocky mountains. gold was a rich element back in the gold rush but today its only 10 dollars a ounce. this element is formed with two other elements chalcopyrite and pyrite. pyrite usually gets mixed up with gold. gold is important because it makes jewelry. gold is still very very very rare.

chapter 2: atoms

isotopes:isotopes are atoms that have a odd number of electrons in a nucleus. for example:down below is a atom.and the one beside it is a isotope. isotopes are important because they make nuclear weapons to defend our country, the USA!

chapter 3 : the periodic table

maximum numbers: a maximum number tells how many electrons are in a element's atoms, for example, hygrogen has one electron. there are also levels. levels are cells that hold an amount of electrons. For example, the first level holds 2, the next level holds 8, the next level holds 18 and so on. These maximum numbers actually help organize the periodic table.

chapter 3 continued


Like how you're house is organised, the periodic table is also organised. it is organised by maxim numbers. it is also organised by metals and non metals. for example at the very top of the periodic table on each end is hydrogen and nitrogen and their maximum numbers are one and two. Then the row below continues 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and so on.

So as you can see, with out chemistry none of us would know what they breathe or what the ocean made up of, or what they are made up of. This is why chemistry is important!