Dr. Benjamin Carson

For United States Presidency 2016

Ben Carson Running for President in 2016

He is appearing on the big political commentator shows and disscussing conservative views. Also, he is traveling around the country and delivering speeches while trying to reduce the level of voter efficacy.

Ben Carson Facts

-a former director of pediatric neurosergery at Johns Hopkins Hospital

-in 2004, he was appointed to serve on the President's Council of Bioethics, appointed by Pres. George W. Bush

-in 2006, he was presented with the Spingarn Medal by the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People

-in 2008, he was presented the Ford's Theatre Lincoln Medal, which is the highest honor a citizen of the U.S can earn

-he is on the board of directors for multiple organizations

-he is a FOX News contributor; writes a weekly opinion column for The Washington Times

Dr. Ben Carson Contacts

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If You Were President, What's First Thing You'd Do? | Dr. Ben Carson

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