Transmit Your DNA With Your Friends

Funded by the Myoviridae Family!

Who Can Attend?

Only viruses apart of the Myoviridae family can attend. If you are apart of this family and want to enjoy replicating with your friends, come on down to any local E. Coli!

Infection Party

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 9pm

any E.Coli near you

How are we going to transmit our DNA?

Well, it's simple! All you do is attach yourself to the host cell, and then pierce it with your contractile sheath and insert your DNA, and the DNA will do the rest! Sit back and watch the magic happen!
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What about our life cycle?

Don't worry my friend! Your life cycle only takes about 30 minutes! It goes as follows:

  1. absorption and penetration
  2. arrest of host gene expression
  3. enzyme synthesis
  4. DNA replication
  5. formation of new virus particles


Your host's host may become sick after you infect them, since the E Coli bacteria helps them digest their food stuffs! But fear not! Infecting E Coli is your job!