Isa more than a great prophet..

Isa was born of the virgin, it was a miracle birth. Isa became a man and at the age of 30 years-old began His ministry. For three years he told the Jewish people and all who came to Him that he was the way to eternal life. But men could not bear to hear Him and they plotted to kill Him. But it was the will of Al-Liylah to allow His one and only Son to die and rise from the dead.

Luke chapter 2, Ya'yah 11:25-26, 18:37-19:16, Mark 16:1-11.

He died for our Sins...

Only one way to Salvation...

There is only one way for humanity to be saved and that is to place thier trust in the death and resurrection of Isa by faith. If there was another way, it would have been revealed, but there is only one way to Salvation. Acts 4:12, Ya'yah 3:16-21.