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High Visibility Clothing – Do not be an Outcast in the Cycling World

Cycling in dark streets can be rather tricky that is why Proviz Sports introduced its innovative and unique high visibility clothing. It is great to hear that many people are starting to realize the importance of our products for safety and protection. Our products will ensure that you are highly visible to other road users even from afar.

How to make sure you are visible in the darkness

Cycling is making a renaissance in many countries because it is a favorable form of exercise. Unfortunately, there is also an unfortunate increase in cycling-related traffic accidents. According to the European Transport Safety Council, cyclists can be difficult to see particularly at night and they are more likely to be knocked off their bikes by a speeding car. Making sure that you are visible to other road users should take precedence over your choice for the bicycle brand. Color is an important element that should be present in your high visibility clothing to make sure that you stand out in the darkness.

During the day, fluorescent fabrics work best because they react with the sun’s ultraviolet lights. Nowadays, neon colors are in fashion and they are making big waves in the cycling world. The Switch cycling jacket is a winner because it gives the user two options – to wear the side made from bright neon yellow reflective material or the other side made from unobtrusive black. The Switch cycling jacket ensures that you will not be a social outcast in the cycling world.

Reflective clothing makes you standout in a crowd at the same time that it ensures your safety on the streets. It often happens that a sunny day can suddenly turn gloomy and plunge you into darkness. Tunnels and underpasses also create the same feeling but if you are wearing high visibility clothing, there is no fear of not being recognized by other road users.

However, it is not enough to wear clothes made from reflective fabric; you have to make sure that you wear appropriate personal protective equipment like helmets, gloves and shoes. If you are carrying a backpack for your essentials, it makes sense to choose a brightly colored one with reflective stripes.