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Week of 5/4/2020

Welcome to the Living Room Library! I am your living room librarian, Ms. Sylvia.

I'm excited about this week's Living Room Library featuring dystopian novels as well as week 2 of our House Arrest book club!

Each week I will post:

  • a short video of a book I recommend with some other suggested books by that author or with a similar theme/message
  • a video book trailer from one of the 2020 Lone Star books
  • a video book trailer from a 2020 Maverick graphic novel

Don't forget: Click on the book covers to view the book trailers for each title.

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Living Room Library Week 5

This week's book talk features Life As We Knew It part of The Last Survivors Series by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

Our featured book Life As We Knew It is available on MackinVia, Sora (text and audio), and APL Sora (text and audio)

This week's books feature dystopian societies.

Many of this week's books have also been made into big budget films. Of course, read the book first because the book is ALWAYS better! (Just some words of wisdom from your librarian.)

This Week's Lone Star Book Trailer:

eBook and audio book available on Sora and APL Sora (text and audio)

Click the Lone Star logo to see the entire Lone Star Book list.

Game Changer by Tom Greenwald

This Week's Maverick Graphic Novel Trailer

available on Sora and APL Sora

Click the Maverick logo to see the entire 2020 Maverick list

Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom by Terry Blas

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