My Interests

Sreenidhi Elayaperumal

Middle School Career Planning

Now that I am in middle school, I will be exploring my skills, interests, and possible career paths.

What Kind Of Student Am I?

I am a student that is strives to do the best I can in school:

- I care about doing well in school

- I try my best in school every day

- I understand what I learn

What's My Learning Style?

Learning in your learning style helps you grasp the information more.

Through taking this quiz, I found that I am a visual learner, someone who learns by seeing things.

Things I can do to learn well are:

- Write down key words, instructions, and ideas

- Try to visualize things that I hear or read

- Avoid distractions during study time

Doing Homework

Homework, is important, since it is a crucial part of getting good grades. A good study habit I have while doing homework is making it a top priority when I get home, unless I have something more important. If I kept procrastinating, then I might not get to my homework, or do it in a rushed way, since I wouldn't have had enough time.


Reading topics outside of school is important. It can be about any topic that you like. These can help you improve your reading skills, as well as teaching you more about a certain subject. It can inspire you to do thing that relate to your interests.

I have many favorite books, but here are a few:

- Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

- Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

- Under the Mesquite by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

- Many, many more!


I have many character traits that I would like to acquire, and one of them is being resourceful. This is when you are able to do things, even while facing obstacles. An example of this is a writer, and I do have an interest in writing, and my teachers say I am loquacious. Another job that I think would fall under this category is someone who tries to find cures for diseases, since they have to be persistent and resourceful to find a cure, and I know they face may obstacles.

3 Questions

- I think it is important to be resourceful since I will probably face many obstacles throughout my career path. This skill will help me overcome many problems I face.

- A situation I had to be resourceful was when I was making my vehicle for Odyssey of the Mind, and me and my group had to be resourceful so we could find a way to make our vehicle move.

- I know many people and friends in my social environment that are resourceful. Many of my friends solve problems for our STEM PBLs.

Career Inventory and Career Paths

A career that I would be interested in based on my skills is a medical scientist.

A medical scientist is someone who works in a lab or with patients, observing their health to see if a cure works. They develop vaccines, medicines, and medical procedures, as well as finding the cause of diseases.

Some of the skills that are good to have:

- Good at math and science

- Being patient/persistent

- Being resourceful

Average Salary: $76,980

I can prepare for this career by focusing on classes such as science and math, and take classes such as advanced chemistry, biology, physics, and calculus in high school. I must also pay attention to ELA and writing, since medical scientists have to write about their ideas, and make proposals to the government. I am already do math with the seventh graders and am interested in science. I like learning about different diseases during my free time as well. I have good strength in all subjects, and so I think this job is good thing to aim at for me. I will take clubs and classes that relate to this job, so I will have more skills that are necessary for it.