Our Solar System and Exoplanets

By: Shakharee Johnson


Exo-planets are different and alike.

Our Solar System

  • There are eight planets in our solar system
  • These eight planets are called Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune
  • Half of them are composed of rocks and the other half is composed of gas
  • All eight planets revolve around the sun


  • Exoplanets are planets that aren't in our solar system
  • There are many other planets in many other galaxies
  • We use high powered telescopes to see them and study them
  • There are currently 935 exoplanets that have been discovered
  • scientist use the transit method to discover new exoplanets

How Our Solar System and Exoplanets are alike

  • They are both in a galaxy
  • Both exo-planets and our planets revolve around stars

How Are They Different

  • Most exo-planets are a part of the Kuiper belt
  • some exo-planets might not be part of a solar system


In conclusion, our solar system has a lot in common with other planets in space. They are also very different. Everyday we are learning more and more about space and other planets in space outside of our solar system.