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September 25, 2015

Quote of the Week

"Your mind can be your greatest ally or worst enemy. Seek positive inputs and you will improve your chances of producing positive outputs."

- WalkTheTalk.Com

The Good Stuff!

Congratulations Arturo!

Our very own Arturo is getting married this weekend! We are so happy for him and his family. It's going to be a beautiful weekend and certainly something major to celebrate. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Stop down to the Main Office Lounge and enjoy some cake and share in the celebration. KUDOS to Heather for her efforts in organizing!

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Local Celebrity

While I was searching online for a VERY DIFFICULT riddle on Tuesday morning, I came across an advertisement banner that made me pause, sit back in my chair and tear up. After a few minutes of reflection, I had the biggest smile on my face. It MADE my day!!

Our very own Chris Carey is the current poster child for Spectrum Health Cancer Center as a cancer survivor. Below are two cool pictures: 1) Chris standing next to one of the many billboards around town and, 2) The actual riddle website where I first saw this advertisment.

Way to go Chris!

You continue to be an inspiration to us all! :-)

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Teachers Sharing With Teachers

Our next DPPD day will be on October 1st from 7:30am to 9:30am. We will continue the journey into deepening our understanding of the GRR Instructional Model as it relates to purpose. Once this training is completed (will not take all 2 hours), we have set aside 20 minutes for teachers to share some cools things they have been doing in their classrooms. It could be a neat app, an effective website, and fun collaborative game, or a successful organizational strategy. Please let me know if you would be interested in sharing with the staff and we will get you set up.

Thanks for your consideration!

Freshman Center Fundraiser Calendar

Every year this building continues to go above and beyond to help out those that are in need within the West Michigan community and beyond! It is one of the many things I LOVE about the Freshman Center!

To help coordinate dates and so we do not have competing fundraisers/canned good drives/community service projects/etc., a calendar has been created for the year and will hand on the Computer Lab sign out bulletin board in the workroom. Feel free to sign up your group on any available dates.

Security Alarm Key Pad

Major KUDOS to Ray for getting the Security Alarm Key Pad moved to the main entrance! There will be a teacher sign in sheet located there as well ASAP. The following is the updated protocol for turning off the alarm: (Below are pictures of the Key Pad for your reference.)

1. Any staff that needs to get into the building when the alarm is on, please enter through the Main Entrance. You can use your Key Card or Building Key to access the Main Lobby.

2. If the building is armed, a RED light will be displayed in the "Armed Status" section. Immediately type in the code "7117" and push the "On/Off Button".

3. If done correctly, the "Armed Status" light will shift to GREEN.

4. Please sign in on the clipboard.

5. When you are ready to leave, sign out on the clipboard. If you are the last person in the building, please turn the alarm on.

6. To turn the alarm on, type in the code "7117" and push the "On/Off Button".

7. If done correctly, the "Armed Status" light will shift to RED. You must exit the building within 60 seconds or the alarm will go off.

Thank you for your attention to this. If everyone follows this protocol, we should not have any issues with utilizing the building after hours.

Trimester/Semester Committee

A committee has been established to continue the discussion regarding what scheduling structure RHS will utilize beginning next year - Trimesters or Semesters. Dr. Kelley (Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Chairperson) has assembled this committee with the following members:

1. Lisa Kreager (Board of Education Treasurer/Immediate Past President and RHS Parent)

2. Miles Postema (Board of Education Vice President and RHS Parent)

3. Tiana Colovos (RHS Senior and Board of Education Student Representative)

4. Jacob Herremans (RHS Senior)

5. Nick Reichenbach (Inter-School Advisory Council Representative and RHS Parent)

6. Deb Gibson (RHS Freshman Center Counselor)

7. Ken Parker (RHS 10-12 Building Counselor)

8. Marcy Mayle (RHS English Teacher)

9. Kevin Brown (RHS Math Teacher)

10. Rick Folcik (RHS Science Teacher)

11. Bill Crane (RHS Social Studies Teacher)

12. Glenda Krebs (RHS Electives Teacher)

13. Dan Zang (RHS 10-12 Building Principal)

14. Dr. VanderJagt (Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources)

15. Tom Hosford (RHS Freshman Center Principal)

This committee had the first meeting earlier this week to begin looking at the results of the survey that Dr. Kelley sent out on September 16 as well as discuss key goals. As far as the survey goes, 88 high school (9-12) teachers and counselors responded. There was some great input and feedback that the committee will read over.

A specific timeline has not been established yet as to when a decision will be made but I am confident it will be sooner than later. (How's that for a safe answer!)

If you have any specific or additional input/feedback that you would like to share, please see one of the highlighted staff members in the committee (RFC staff) as soon as you can.

We will continue to keep you updated in a timely fashion.

Faces in the Crowd - Laura Todd

Rockford High School Freshman Center Art Teacher, Laura Todd, recently graduated in May from CMU with a double major in Visual Arts and Mathematics. This is her first full time teaching assignment and completed her Student Teaching experience at Northview High School.

Fun Fact - Laura comes from a long line of educators and CHIP grads. Her grandparents both graduated from Central Michigan with education degrees.

Hobbies - Outside of school, Laura loves to work on her personal artwork. She also enjoys spending time outdoors to kayak or go for a hike.

Favorite Treat - Dark chocolate, especially when frozen!

Anything Else? - Laura is a Rockford Public School graduate and is excited to give back to her home community for MANY years to come!

Welcome to the Freshman Center family Laura!!!

Upcoming Dates

September 28 - Board of Education meeting - 7:30pm @ Central Office

September 29 - Picture Retakes

October 1 - Late Start DPPD

October 2 - Funky Friday - Neon Day

October 2 - Adjusted Schedule for Homecoming Court Ceremony

October 2 - Lockdown Drill - 11:45am

October 5 - PAC Meeting - 9:00am - RFC LGI

October 5 - Homecoming Spirit Week Dress-Up Day - Flannel Anything

October 6 - Homecoming Spirit Week Dress-Up Day - College Wear

October 7 - Homecoming Spirit Week Dress-Up Day - Super Hero

October 7 - BIT Meeting - 2:40pm - Main Office Conference Room (NEW LOCATION!)

October 8 - Homecoming Spirit Week Dress-Up Day - Ram Pride

October 9 - Homecoming Spirit Week Dress-Up Day - Homecoming T-Shirt Day

October 9 - Adjusted schedule for RFC Homecoming Pep Assembly
October 10 - RFC Homecoming Dance - 7:00pm - RFC Cafe and Gym

Riddle of the Week

After Kelly Amshey (Doctoral candidate) completed a statistical analysis of the complex mathematical equation that an anonymous staff member (aka Will Hunting) wrote on the whiteboard, I can confirm this person has solved the riddle. I will try to find a stumper for next week. "How do you like them apples!"

Riddle - "There is a certain family with both girl and boy children. Each of the boys has the same number of brothers as he has sisters. Each of the girls has twice as many brothers as she has sisters. How many boys and girls are there in the family?

Answer - 4 Boys and 3 Girls

The Funnies

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Have an delightful weekend!!