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Blogs With Whom Learning Spanish is Fun

Spanish is no doubt one of the most spoken languages worldwide. With a huge community of 405 million speakers, which is almost 5.85% of the total world population, Spanish is surely a language worth to learn. Not only it is worth to learn, people are learning it with great craze too.

There are lot of online resources where you can learn Spanish. There are dozens of android and ios applications, and there are several blog about Spanish translation too. There are several Spanish Language Translation Services that also offer Spanish teaching. If you are one of those learners who wish to learn this great language, then you are in luck, we have prepared a list of top blogs here you can learn Spanish with ease.

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1 . Always Spanish

Spanish is a famous blog that was started by an enthusiast, and also a non-native speaker. The blog is full of valuable learning resources , tips and tricks on fluency, cultural and regional differences. The posts on this helpful blog are divided into various categories and sections, namely, tips and tricks, music, vocabulary, immersion, Street Spanish and much more.

2. My Spanish Adventure

The story of this blog is what many people only dream of while only some make it up to reality. The blogger behind this blog embarked on a real life journey after leaving his 9 to 5 to spain and learned about the country, its language and become fluent in Spanish. He Shares his adventurous stories of learning a non native tongue, some which are highly relatable for readers.

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His Blog posts are generally categorized into following categories, :- Save money in spain , Is Spanish hard to learn, Immersion in Spanish and what to see in spain.

Immersion in Spanish and what to see in spain.

3. Spanish Obessed

For those who want to take up Spanish seriously, this is blog which information even further. The blogger is non-native but fluent Spanish speaker along with his Colombian partner.

One unique aspect of their blog posts is that they are written in both languages i.e English, which makes it easy to learn. Rob, one partner writes in English while Liz prefers to write Spanish.

4. Speaking Latino

Did you know that the Spanish you learn in your classrooms, although being useful , isn’t the one that is spoken the streets. In order to sound Spanish you have to get familiar with common phrases, slangs and references.

This is indeed the main motto of this blog. The articles are categorized on a country basis.


Learning a new language is a fun and a great exercise for the brain. These blogs make learning a fun and easy process. If you wish to learn Spanish we would also suggest you to use android apps and videos.

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