Frederic Chopin

poster & research by; Kayla Lewis

Background Info

  • He was born February 22nd, 1810
  • Frederic was born in Poland to Nicholas & Tekla Chopin
  • Was was the third child of four & had only sisters
  • The piano was the main instrument used for all of his work
  • He died from pulmonary tuberculosis on October 17, 1849

one of the most remembered musical geniuses of all time!

Fun Facts

  • He did not work for anyone in particular, he mainly worked for himself.
  • He began composing his own music & had his first piece of music published when he was only seven years old!
  • He was buried with a silver urn of soil from his homeland!
  • He & Amantine Dupin, better know by her pen name of George Sand, were in a relationship for ten years!

Why is he remembered?

You may ask "What is so special about Frederic Chopin?"

Well, there are many interesting things about Frederic. For one he was a musical genius, he knew his way around a piano. Another thing he is remembered for is dying at such a young age. He was only 39 when his time came & he is still greatly missed today. One more thing we remember him for was being so good at so young. He was wonderfully talented & it's a shame his time came so early.