All About Me

Andrew Jaschob


  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • biking


i love fishing with my dad and we catch bluegill,crappie,wallies,perch,and northern pike and we do that on Wisconsin river. i also ice fish too.


I love hunting with my dad and i go bow hunting and gun hunting. We go up north for bow hunting. We go way up north by Michigan for gun hunting.


i like to bike around lomira. i live with my mom during weeks and i go by my dads on weekends. I ride my bike with my friends and i ride every were in lomira.

My favorite subject at school

They are gym,science,and health.


  • work for people
  • riding bike alot
  • operating machines

how many ways i am smart

  • people smart
  • body smart
  • bike smart

learning styles

i learn by listen then do the stuff they tell me what to do


  • realistic
  • artistic
  • enterprising

career clusters

  • art,audio,/video technology ,and communications
  • business, management and administration
  • marketing