By Alex Vazquez


Perseverance is not giving up when the going gets tough. The people that are included in this newsletter are Nick Vujicic, Caine from Caines arcade, Nadia Saleron from the violin video, my actual cousin Kate, Oscar Vazquez, and christian both from Spare Parts. The purpose of this newsletter is to show people how other people are faced with advertises and attempt to overcome them.

Nick vs Caine (Compare/Contrast) Info

Nick was born in 1982 in Melbourne Australia and without warning he came into the world with no arms or legs. The doctors had any medical explanation only to go on with life and that it is what it is. Nick has a lot of challenges in his life more so in his school years bullying and self-esteem issues. He also suffered depression and loneliness. In high school a janitor inspired him to speak publicly about overcoming adversity. But he can still walk and do things normal people can do like swimming, fishing, soccer and others. On the other side we have Caine Monroy he spent his whole summer vacation making cardboard arcade games. When summer was over he told his friends that he made a whole arcade but they did not believe him. When that school year ended he came back to the shop and a costumer came and played his games then that same costumer made him go viral and got a lot of people to play his games. But lets get to the point both had a problem bullies or was tease. They were both confident to overcome there adversities, and were both creative. There differences are that they have different lives and problems just like everyone else.

Nick vs Caine (Compare/Contrast)

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Description ( Oscar Vazquez)

An important triumph that Oscar Vazquez had was that he returned himself to mexico, since he was an illegal. When he tried to get a visa his wish was rejected but felt resolve and had to stay out of the U.S for a decade. A decade later his wife and kid met with him and saw an envelope and it said he could go back. Another reason why this shows a triumph is because he did the right thing by returning himself and waiting for the day when he could go back home.
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Cause and Affect (Nadia the musician)

Nadia had a lot of adversities in her life she was told that she could not play an instrument and she would be kicked out by college students when attending college. A day came around and she decided to commit suicide she had a gun pointed it at her head and fired but she gun had missed fired and somehow missed her brain and survived. The effect on this incident she inspired herself to play music on the violin. Years later she was a popular musician.

Sequence ( My cousin Kate)

When I was twelve my mom told me that my cousin had been diagnosed with autism since the day she was born. When my mom told me I was in shock. Me not knowing that my cousin had autism. There were times where she would come home from school cry and telling her mom why can’t I learn. Its been hard for but every time I see her she seems fine. The steps she takes is by singing. She puts all her emotions into her songs that she sings. She doesn’t write them she picks one of her favorite songs and sings and then when she does sing she is happy.

Problem and Solution (Christian)

In spare parts Christian was bullied a lot in school and what he would do is mess up the computer if they wanted to play a game and run well that's what the movie based it on but normally he would take it like any other bullied victim would just to get out of there. But when he found out about the robotics competition he joined and met some new friends along the way. When him and his team one the competition he felt confident in himself and wen't to college.