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Over Senator Marco Rubio

Pros and Cons of the Keystone Pipeline

  1. Building the Keystone Pipeline and opening up the Tar Sands will negatively impact national and local economies.
  2. The same fossil fuels interests pushing the Keystone pipeline have been cutting , not creating, jobs.
  3. Unemployment will rise because there is less need for people.
  4. Building a sustainable economy, not the Keystone Pipeline, will create far more jobs.

Pros and Cons of Raising minimum wage

  1. Price of living has risen
  2. Better economy because more people want to work
  3. More money
  4. Students and unskilled workers make more money
  5. Inflation

Marco Rubio on Minimum Wage and Keystone Pipeline


Rubio does not think that $9 is enough of a raise. The thinks he needs to raise it.

He thinks the Pipeline should move forward. He thinks its a good idea and will boost economy