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Is this War?

Texans are debating on going to war with the Mexico. Previously we have had problems with the Mexican government, but as time goes by, the problems keep growing. Some Texans believe that in order to keep Texas safe, we need to keep peace between the two. Other Texans, however, believe war is the only option. The rest just want independence from Mexico. The arguments didn't stop until Stephan F. Austin came back to his colony.

Back Again

His Message

Surprised Texans watched Stephan F. Austin come back to his colony. As you know, Austin was arrested in January of 1834 by the Mexican government. His return shocked Texans, especially after they heard what news he had for them. He told them that he had gotten released from his imprisonment in Mexico, and he urged them to unite against Santa Anna. He said that there was no choice but to go to war.