The Golden Fleece

Protect The Ones You Believe In

What is the Golden Fleece?

The Golden Fleece was a towel use in ancient times to revive dyeing or dead things when placed on.

Whats the story behind it?

Even strangers lend a helping hand

Jason the son of IoIcus was the heir of the land the his father had left him for him to takeover but the kingdom was occupied by King Aeetes. Which he knew that the land had belonged to him because he was only wearing one sandal when he approached King Aeetes. He demanded that he to have this land that is father had inherited for him, but King Aeetes was willing to give up the kingdom but if Jason retrieved the Golden Fleece then King Aeetes was willing to give up the land. Pelis told Jason the dangerous challenged that he will have to overcome in order to receive the Golden Fleece. Jason knew that the Golden Fleece was a great prize all among Greece. Jason had accepted the challenge and the Argonauts had given him some advice in order to conquer his challenges so they sent him on a journey to go see Medea for she has magical potions.Jason had made his way to Medea and he met her at the temple of Hecate. He told her about the quest to retain the Golden Fleece she later give him steps and potions. The potion that she have given him was a fire proof protector that prevented him from getting burned by the bull that breathes fire. Then her other advice was after you defeat the bull was when the warriors rise out of the ground to throw a rock at them to make them turn on each other. Jason had journey his way to the sacred field of Ares where he successfully defeated the bull and when the warriors rose out of the ground Medea was worried that he had forgotten what to do but there was no need because right when she started chanting the spell he quickly threw the rock and the warriors and they quickly killed each other and all of them died in a blood battle.After defeating the warriors he journey his way to the palace where the dragon guarded the fleece Jason told Medea that he wanted to marry Medea. So when he entered the palace he had rushed to get the Golden Fleece from the dragon and the dragon had awoken up and chase them out of palace, luckily medea put the dragon so sleep with the spell and the guards had chase them and he had made a boat and they set sail to the sea and later Jason had told her that she had saved Greece.

Micaiah Wanza,Justin Ashford,Richard Eke