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"Quizalize lets you engage your class and deliver instant assessments for personalised learning on any computer, tablet or smartphone."

It allows you to do quick personal assessments without creating student accounts with the data collected disappearing after 24 hours. Or if you prefer to monitor your classes through your unit of study you can have students create accounts using their @g.dentonisd.org accounts or you can assign usernames and passwords. Once the student accounts are created then the data collected is analyzed by the Zzish Learning Hub.

You can quickly create your own account by connecting it to your @g.dentonisd.org account or with an email and password. Once you create a class in quizalize a class code is generated and can be used for all quizzes assigned to that class. Quizalize even integrates with Google Classroom (see video below). The quizzes can be opened on any device with a browser.

There is a math mode for those that would like to review math lessons.

If you are interested in setting up your class to use quizalize please let me know and I will be glad to meet with you.

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Quizalize Welcome Video
Quizalize with Google Classroom

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