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Week 9

What's Happening?

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6 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

Most freelancers at some point will set up their own website, if you haven’t considered this already, then you definitely should. You need to have a presence online as this is where the majority of people do their research and you need to be easy to find. Featuring a blog on your website is becoming essential to compete with the growing number of businesses that have them.

If you’re unsure about whether you need a blog, read on. (READ MORE)

Health and Wellness

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7 Ways to De-Stress: Try These Tips When You Feel Stressed

Stress happens. No matter how organized you are, how good your systems are, or how friendly your work and living environments are, stress can find a way to poke its ugly head in from time to time. What can you do? Turn to a convenient Stress Buster – a small, simple activity that clears your head and calms you down. When you feel a stress attack coming on, it’s the perfect time to turn to one of these busters and kick that stress out the door.

Here are 7 of our favorite Stress Busters, but feel free to develop your own:

1. Take a walk

Want a break from the office? Does your house feel like an insane asylum? Slip out the door and let your feet take you somewhere. Not only will walking give you the opportunity to clear your head and take a break from that hectic situation, but it’s great aerobic exercise, too. (READ MORE)

VA Tips and Tricks

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How To Build Your Freelance Portfolio

For many freelancers, particularly those in writing or designing, it is a good idea to build a portfolio of work so that you can show potential clients what you can do. If you have a portfolio you should be ready to show it at short notice. It should be updated regularly and well presented. If you think of yourself as a brand, then this is your advert.

Things to include:

Digital portfolio

You should always have a digital copy of your portfolio that you can email it to clients easily. You may also want to feature examples on your website or blog. This should be easy for clients to find if they search for you, which they probably will. (READ MORE)


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VA on Spotlight

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Name: Reymundo Guillemer

Nickname: JHAM

Age: 29

Previous Work (before 20Four7VA): Worked for TATA Consultancy as a Web Support Specialist (hibu)

Describe yourself in three words: Cheerful, Persistent and Friendly

Favorite Food: Pasta, Pizza and Fries

What do you do for fun? Play with my pets (cat, dog and hedge hog)

Any hidden talents? Singing

Greatest Achievement? Being independent is what I consider as my greatest achievement. And I was able to do this by working hard to earn money.

Best advice anyone has given you? Should always go with the flow and be humble at all times.

What's your motto? If you want to win the lottery, you need to earn money to buy a ticket !

What do you love most in 20Four7VA? Being able to work at home and be with my pets and my partner. Away from the stressful OUTSIDE world. Will the traffic and all.

Motivation Moment

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