Woodrow Wilson Parent newsletter

January 2023


2023 came upon us quickly. I read a wonderful quote as we reflect on 2022 and look forward to 2023 - There are no good or bad years - each year is a mosaic of colors that signify good days and bad days pulled together into a beautiful combination. As this year begins remember that a year is a moment, not a definition. I hope everyone had a great winter break. We have now been back into the learning groove for a few weeks. Students are into routines and procedures. January through mid-February is always a long streak of learning and routines. There is a lul in our school activities but they will start up again very soon. Please remember that we are here to support all families, all you need to do is reach out.

Candy Gram Sale

Woodrow Wilson Fundraiser... Each gram (lollipop with a message) will be $1. You may fill out as many as you like. Your 'gram' will be delivered on Tuesday, Feb. 14th. Happy Valentine's Day!

**The messages are preprinted with cute Valentine's Day messages. We will just be writing who it is going to and who it is from.

**You may turn in money to Mr. Duffy, Mrs. Lazovick, or to your homeroom teacher. PLEASE label clearly who the $ is from. Thank you!!

Please use the link to order https://forms.gle/kyrinHE9CvGQ2Lo2A

Chorus Band Concert

The concert has been rescheduled for February 2nd.

Dress rehearsal - Wednesday, February 1st - Band students (grades 5-8) need to bring their instruments for rehearsal.


  • School Concert Thursday, February 2nd:
  • Band (5th-8th grade students nights) students: Report to the gym to warm up at 9:25.
  • Chorus students (4th - 8th) come to the gymnasium in their concert attire at 9:30 am and find their spot on the risers

***Daytime Concert will begin at 10:05

***Evening Concert Information:

  • Students are to arrive at 5:30 pm in concert attire
  • The program will begin at 6:00 pm

Someone Special Dance

This dance is for students in grades 2-4. It will be held on February 16th from 5-7 pm. Students in these grades should have received information from the classroom teachers on how to sign up. This dance requires that each child attends with someone special.

Ticket $5 per person - includes admission (DJ), pizza, drinks, snacks

**if you would like your child to attend but they do not have "someone special" available - Please reach out and we will assign them a WW buddy for the evening.

Sports Equipment

We are asking that students not bring their own sports equipment to school. It causes conflicts between students that may want to play. There are also issues of students taking each other equipment and we do not know whose equipment is whose. We have outside equipment that goes out almost every day. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you to everyone that has checked in with the nurse to let us know you do not want your child to go outside. Please make sure the classroom teacher and your child is also aware so they can remind the staff on recess duty. The staff changes daily so we want to ensure that we are following your instructions.

We try to go outside as often as possible. Please make sure your child has a winter coat daily. Students are responsible for bringing their coats. They cannot go back to class as we cannot have students unsupervised.

WIN Period

We are about to enter the 3rd marking period. Some students may have their WIN (What I Need) class changed to better suit their learning needs. Please asks your child what they are working on and how it connects to their learning.

Attendance/ Tardy

We are noticing an increase in the number of students late to school. Every minute missed of instruction adds up and that can lead to learning anxiety and frustration. Students also miss the hot breakfast and some unstructured time with friends.

Students should be in homeroom by 8:50 - at the latest.

If you are having trouble getting your child up in the morning, here are some tips to help

1. Have a clear bedtime (to ensure your child gets enough sleep) Remove technology

2. Have your child's uniform, backpack, and coat handy and easy to access once they wake up

3. Set an alarm that gives you time to get ready, we know that morning stress can negatively impact both students and parents. Remember we have all been there and know how stressful mornings can be.


January 27 - End of Marking period 2

January 30 - Start of Marking period 3

February 6 - early release for staff Professional Development

February 11 - 100th day of school

February 13 - No school

February 20- 21 No School

Quote - For all of us parents

“In your most challenging parenting moments, take a deep breath and try to remember that the moment your child is at their most challenging is the moment your child is struggling with the most challenges.”