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Keeping Coaches in the Know, 2.5.16

Building capacity in ourselves and others to positively impact student achievement

We are a professional learning community ensuring high levels of continuous learning for ALL

IC Info

  • Next IC Meeting: March 3rd, 7:30-11:30 at the Shawnee Trail.
  • More info coming soon!

It is evident that you are committed to growing with coaching through developing skills with reflective feedback.


  • 2nd Grade PD, Feb. 11, 3PM-4PM

We will be using a different platform for this PD, Moodle. It will allow all campuses to

participate at once; therefore, we will offer one-session after school so hopefully more

can collaborate with the 2nd grade team. Please make sure teams and other staff that

will be joining us for the PD register on Workshop. We will be sending handouts for the PD via email on Workshop. This will be recorded so others can participate at another time if needed.

  • 3rd Grade PD, Feb. 19, we will be offering several different time options that will be shared soon.
  • 1st Grade PD, Feb. 25
  • Please make sure the Engaging Math book that you received today at the Kathy Kee PD is added to the campus inventory before distributing to 2nd grade team.


Friday, February 12th 5th grade PD

  • Admin training room 7:20-8:20
  • Teachers need to bring a way they are using data from the Pre-Assessments to share.
  • This is a time for teachers to share their practices, build their individual and collective capacity, and CELEBRATE!!!

We are looking forward to it.