With LockE

Home Security Systems

Created By Luke A And Oscar S

Partners with OSCS

OSCSecurity provides you with the satisfaction of easy accessibility to cameras and settings.

We have custom home security systems that can satisfy your every need.

You can customize your security system to operate with your phone to control lighting, kitchen appliances, door locks and many more only for an extra charge of $350 (This is an exclusive offer that will only last within the first month of your subscription so act fast!)

Mobile Access with charge up to $150 depending on range of signal requested by customer

Customization Options

The following options are included as a separate purchase each.

  • [$20 per month] Custom Passwords
  • [$10 per month] 24/7 Customer Support Guaranteed
  • [$50 subject to installation time] Security Camera Installation
  • [$35 per month] 24/7 Home protection from robbery (We will contact local authorities immediately If break in occurs)

Compatible Devises


  • [Apple Devises] iPhone, Macbook and iTouch
  • [Android Devises] Android Cell Phone and the Android Tablet.
  • [Windows Devises] Surface Tables and a Windows Desktop (Must Have Windows 7)