So Many Resources.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Boggles My Mind

It actually boggles my mind how many resources there are out there that address assistive needs and learning technologies. This module has really opened my eyes because this really isn't something that I have really considered in the context of teaching up until now. The irony is that while I was studying at Santa Monica College I was evaluated for learning disabilities and it was determined that I did have them. Because of this I was given more time on math exams, and I was allowed to take them in a special facility, and was allowed to use a calculator. Even then as a result of my own experience, I never really considered much the applications of technology for learning disabilities. Oddly enough, I haven't thought much about learning disabilities after my time at Santa Monica College. This module has really brought this to the forefront of my attention.

LD and ELL

One thing your presentation has caused me to think about is the overlap between LD and ELL. How cross compatible are these resources and tools? Do assistive technologies have to be geared specifically to ELLs, or are the technologies geared to LD students just as applicable and effective with ELLs? What are the similarities, and what are the differences?